Branding and Graphic Standards

The Importance of the UW Colleges Brand

UW Colleges and our campuses are a complex institution operating in a world crowded with competing educational messages, so it is very important that we clearly identify our institutions at every opportunity through correct and consistent use of our logos and identities. The logo ties our institutions to the University of Wisconsin and helps convey the important values and mission that set us apart from other educational institutions.

The goal of this brand standards manual is to ensure that UW Colleges and the UW Colleges campuses get credit for all the good work we do with students and in our communities. These guidelines will help communicators and educators use the optimum visual and graphic elements to clearly identify UW Colleges and our campuses in all communications.

The UWC logo uses the “UW” symbol and accompanying words, and maintains the descriptive mark that identifies the University of Wisconsin Colleges and the campuses.

The consistent use of our logo helps to create a stronger image, reinforces our brand identity and creates more awareness for the individual campuses and the institution. The common logo format also links the institution and its campuses, both through graphic and visual elements and through explanatory taglines.

UW Colleges Brand Book


  1. Create a strong image and increase awareness for the individual campuses to assist in their visibility and recruitment efforts.
  2. Create awareness for the fact that the individual campuses are part of the UW Colleges.
  3. Strongly convey the “brand identity” of the “University of Wisconsin.”
  4. Use the logo consistently to build and reinforce the campus identity and brand.
  5. Create clear communications for the public.
  6. Convey a professional image.

If you have questions or need guidance about any of these guidelines, please contact Vicki Keegan, director of marketing for UW Colleges,, 608-265-5771.