Submitting Grants

UW Colleges faculty, staff, and administrators are encouraged to write and submit grants on their own or in partnership with the Office of Academic Affairs. Please contact UW Colleges Grants Officer when preparing a grant that will be submitted on behalf of the UW Colleges.

UW Colleges operates as a single institution and all grants submitted by faculty, staff, and administrators require the approval of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services. For more information contact Grants Officer Joe Foy or the  to obtain approval to submit a grant, the following procedure is required.

  1. Complete the Grants, Gifts, and Contracts Support Transmittal FormTransmittal instructions are available.
  2. Obtain the signature of your campus dean.
  3. Send (by email attachment, PDF file, or mail) the grant transmittal form, along with one complete copy of the grant, to the UW Colleges Grants Office at least eight working days before the grant due date ( or 432 N. Lake Street, Madison, WI 53706-1498, 608-263-7217).
  4. The Grants Office will facilitate an administrative review of the grant and work with the grant writer on any needed changes.
  5. Once approved, the Grants Officer will obtain signatures (on the transmittal form and the grant copy, as required) from the Office of Academic Affairs and Office of Administrative Services and return the signed grant copy, as needed.
  6. Submit the grant. Unless otherwise arranged with the Grants Office, the person with primary responsibility for development of the grant will be responsible for submitting the completed grant to the funding source. The Grants Office will assist with submitting the grant as long as arrangements are made well in advance of any deadlines.
  7. After submitting the grant, forward any correspondence relating to this grant to the . If the project is funded, the Grants Accountant will set up an account in WISDM and relay coding information to the Principle Investigator and campus business office.