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Getting Started

How do I know which kinds of sources to use? 

How do I know if a web source is reliable?

What is plagiarism?

How do I format a bibliography?

Understanding Publication Types

I'm supposed to find "scholarly journals." What are those?

My professor said "don't use the Web." Why?

What are "primary sources"?


What does it mean if a reading is on reserve?

How do I access reserve materials?

Searching and Finding

What is a keyword?

What is Boolean searching and why should I use it?

When do I use quotation marks in a search?

Finding and Checking out books

How do I find books?

What are call numbers and what do they mean?

How do I check out books?

How do I renew books?

How do I find materials not owned by the UW Libraries?

Finding Articles

What is an article database?

How do I find articles?

How do I find an article using a citation?

Finding Journals

I found an article in a database and it doesn't have full-text. How do I get it?

Where are the journals located?

What is an e-journal?

What do I do with an abbreviated journal title?

Online Resources

How do I find reliable information on the internet?

How do I evaluate a website?

Citations & Plagiarism

What is plagiarism?

How can I avoid Plagiarism?

When do I need to cite a source? (video)

How do I create a works cited page?

What is the UW Colleges policy on copyright?

Off-Campus Access

How do I connect from off-campus?

More Help

Where can I get more help?