Preparing for Finals vol. 2: Advice from the Library

May 4, 2018

Tips for studying for Finals, from our very own Library Student Workers.

  • Allot time for each subject
  • Study the most important stuff first
  • Studying is most important for classes in your major
  • Figure out your own limits before finals, don’t discover them during
  • DON’T PROCRASTINATE! Study early so you don’t have to cram

  • Always have tissues on hand
  • Medication checklist, get refills beforehand, don’t want another thing to worry about
  • Big life changes can wait until after finals, don’t switch jobs, go vegan, stop smoking, etc
  • Take breaks, do fun things. Life is not on hold, don’t get swept up in the stress and work
  • Importance of a study schedule
  • Keep up with class DURING the semester, so you’ll have less stress/work upon finals
  • Down-time and relaxation is very important.
  • Stress-relief strategy
  • Find a study space that fits your way of studying
  •  “C’s get degrees”, especially if you struggle in that subject area, don’t sweat it.
  • Go to the Tutoring Center! Earlier the better!
  • Reach out to your professor BEFORE its too late. Go to office hours, talk after class, professors will help you!
  • Different study methods work for different people
  • Group studying can be helpful, but make sure that group members are all taking it seriously, otherwise you’re better off studying on your own
  • Don’t study in a bed or comfy seating where you might fall asleep
  • Try to explain difficult concepts to your non-classmate friends and/or significant other using basic conversational terms to help yourself to better understand that concept as a whole.
  • There is no one optimal amount of time to take a study break, everyone works differently. But when you do take study break, plan it out exactly and stick to it. You need to physically move away from your study area and materials, do something to stimulate your brain, eat food, exercise. DO NOT go on social media or even email, don’t start a new tv show