Borrowing Materials

General Request

  • You can check the availability of an item by searching the new Search@UW search tool, which search all the holdings of the UW libraries and the Wisconsin State Historical Society. If you would like to limit to just titles at UW Colleges campuses select UW Colleges books and media.  You can also limit after a search by using the location facets on the lower left hand side. 
  • A green dot next to the item will tell you that the item is available to be checked out or requested. A yellow bar indicates that some of the copies are available but not all. Click on the Locations tab to find out more information.
    • If the item is at your home campus, copy down the call number on the right hand side. They usually start with a letter or two followed by some numbers and note the location.  If you need assistance finding your item, just ask at the desk.
    • Or click the email button at the top and all the information will be sent to your email.
    • If you are not familiar with how the library books are arranged, or need help finding a book that should be on the shelf, contact your local librarian.

Requesting a book from another UW library

  • For items that are not at your home campus, you can request that they be sent to your home library, a library near you, or if you are enrolled in UWC Online or the Flex degree you can have items mailed to you.  We just ask that you mail them back.  Contact the Online Librarian for more information.
    • Click on Sign in in the upper right hand corner.
    • You will be prompted to provide your network username and password. This is the same username and password that you use to login to your campus email. Community users and emeriti may sign in with their barcode and last name.
    • Search for the item you would like to find. To ensure you are searching all UW system libraries, make sure you search everything or UW system books and media in the dropdown.
    • When you find a title you would like to request, click on the Get It tab. You have the option of requesting the item by either filling out a Local Request (Colleges) or UW Request.  The choice is yours. 
    • If your request was successful, you will see a request placed note.  You can also monitor your item in your account. 
    • Once you have your item checked out, pay attention to the due date. Due dates for items range anywhere from 7 days to the entire semester depending on what the item is and where is it coming from.

Requesting an item from a library outside UW System

  • If you cannot find the item your are looking for, we can try to request it from another library outside of UW System with our Interlibrary Loan service, ILLiad.
  • Once you've found a book, cd or video, note all the relevant citation information, like title, author, publisher, and copyright year.
  • Using our ILLiad request form.
    • Login using your username and password or for Community users and Emerti login using your barcode (found on your campus ID) and your last name and then select your campus.
    • Enter in all the citation information you have and click submit.
    • Depending how quickly the other library responds, you can have your article or books within 2 to 7 business days. The library staff will contact you if there are delays.