Fee Appeals

Fee Assessments

Students incur a number of financial fees including tuition and other charges. Some fees are assessed based on student-initiated actions (e.g., orientation, tuition, withdrawal) and some based on student inaction (e.g., failure to make payment on time). Students may also incur campus-based fees or fines for particular actions, for example, failure to return university property (athletic uniform, sheet music, room key, equipment, etc.) or for a parking violation.

Appeal Process

Students have the ability to challenge financial assessments through a student fee appeal process. For an appeal to be considered, the appeal must be made within 60 days of the end of the semester for which the appeal is requested. Students wanting to appeal a financial fee will complete a fee appeal web-form and submit it online to the UW Colleges Student Finances Office (bursar). The bursar will review the nature of the appeal and either retain or redirect the appeal for review.

Web-Form Submission Instructions

Fill out the fee appeal web-form.  This link takes you to a SharePoint site. To access the appeal form you will enter your name as used for UW Colleges email (no need to include @uwc.edu) and your password. Once the appeal and all supporting documents are received, the appeal will be responded to within 2 weeks.

UW System Policy and Related Information

UW System Administrative Policy 805, Tuition and Fee Policies for Credit Instruction