Satisfactory Academic Progress and Withdrawal

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy

Federal regulations require students receiving financial aid to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and be working toward a degree. At the end of each term (fall semester, spring semester, and summer), enrolled students are evaluated to determine if they are meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements. Courses attempted at UW Colleges, as well as any transfer credits, are included in the SAP evaluation. SAP is assessed for all enrolled students even in terms in which no financial aid was received.

Students who are not meeting SAP requirements are no longer eligible to receive financial aid at UW Colleges. Students may appeal their SAP status, addressing extenuating circumstances and changes being made to ensure that SAP standards will be met in the future, via the appeal process defined below. If the appeal is approved, aid eligibility is reestablished for the following term. Subsequent SAP assessments will determine aid eligibility for additional terms.

Impact of Academic Withdrawal on Financial Aid

Withdrawing from college may have both academic and financial aid consequences. You are encouraged to understand the consequences before you decide to withdraw.

A student who is receiving financial aid and is considering withdrawing should discuss the situation with the campus Solution Center/Student Affairs Office to learn the implications of such a decision and about established withdrawal procedures and process.