Online Loan Exit Counseling

If you have borrowed monies through the Federal Stafford and/or Federal Direct Loan Programs at some time during your educational career, federal student aid regulations require students to complete loan exit counseling when ceasing to be enrolled at least half time (6 or more credits) or graduating from/transferring from/otherwise leaving the University of Wisconsin Colleges. To satisfy the requirement, UW Colleges uses an Online Loan Exit Counseling session.

Loan exit counseling will assist you with managing your student loans and help you understand your options and responsibilities. The Student Financial Aid Office encourages you to take the management of your student loans responsibly.

The consequences of not repaying your student loans are serious and will affect your ability to obtain credit for necessities (car, housing, loans, credit cards, etc.) and may result in wage garnishment and loss of eligibility for additional financial aid. As you complete exit counseling, pay close attention to loan consolidation, loan deferment, payment options, and loan forbearance.

If you currently are attending or will transfer to another college or university, you still must complete UW Colleges Loan Exit Counseling. However, enrollment of 6 or more credits (half-time enrollment) at your new school should qualify you for deferment of federal student loan repayment. Check with your new school for information on its loan deferment process.

During the online session, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Social Security Number;
  • driver's license number;
  • expected permanent address;
  • expected employer (if known);
  • and the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and employers of your Next of Kin and for two additional references for yourself (these should be three different people living at three different addresses).

You will need your Federal Student Aid ID (the one you used to electronically sign your FAFSA). Visit the FSA ID website if you do not have an FSA ID or are unsure if you already have one.

Once you have logged in to the exit counseling website, your federal student loan data currently available in the National Student Loan Data System or NSLDS: NSLDS Student Access will automatically be displayed. Please note the NSLDS link for future reference and review your loan-indebtedness information regularly. 

After accessing the weblink below:

  • engage the blue "LOG IN" button
  • after signing in, choose "Exit Counseling"
  • in the Select Schools to Notify section, choose "WISCONSIN" as the School State, the “UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN COLLEGES" as the School Name, and then hit the "Add School" button
  • The following information will display:
    • This is the correct information for the University of Wisconsin Colleges and will ensure that the Student Financial Aid Office is automatically notified of your completing loan exit counseling once you have done so.

Access the Online Loan Exit Counseling website