Student Employment

Federal Work-Study is a federal financial aid program. Work-Study allows a student to earn money to help pay educational expenses and encourages work in community service and work related to a student's course of study to the extent possible.

In order to apply for Work-Study, a student must complete the FAFSA. In addition, students must have sufficient financial need based on the analysis of the FAFSA.

A FWS award is not a guarantee of employment, but represents possible self-help eligibility. Students who are awarded Federal Work-Study should visit the Solution Center/Student Affairs Office on their campus to inquire about job positions that are available. Please note that job opportunities may be limited.

Students employed through the Federal Work-Study Program are paid at least the current federal minimum wage (or state-wide minimum wage if higher). Students work approximately ten hours per week although the number of hours an individual student may work is determined by the amount of the Work-Study award and pay rate. Students cannot earn more than the amount of their Work-Study awards.

Federal Work-Study does not disburse in the same way as other types of aid. Students are issued a paycheck on a biweekly basis, which is typically done by direct deposit.