Consortium Agreements

If a student enrolls at UW Colleges and another institution for the same term, financial aid may be received from only one of the schools. However, a student may be able to receive aid based on the combined total credits at both schools. To achieve this, a written agreement commonly referred to as a financial aid consortium agreement must be completed.

If a student receives aid at two institutions for the same period of enrollment, the student will be responsible for returning aid received at one of the schools. Therefore, ensure that consortium agreement paperwork is processed before the term of dual enrollment.

Home Institution

The institution from where the student is earning a degree typically serves as the home school and would be the one to administer aid for the combined enrollment. The student should obtain the consortium agreement paperwork from the home/degree-granting school. The other institution where the student is nondegree seeking but through which the student is taking part of his or her program requirements serves as the host school. Note that the home school needs to approve the coursework from the other institution as applicable to the student's degree of study before it will approve a consortium agreement for credits completed at the host institution - this is accomplished through the consortium agreement process.

Check with your UW Colleges Solution Center/Student Affairs Office for consortium guidelines and for assistance in completing a consortium agreement when UW Colleges will the home institution. If UW Colleges is not the institution from where a degree will be awarded, the student must initiate a consortium agreement with the institution where a degree will be earned/his or her home school.

Consortium Agreement Application (UW Colleges serving as the Home Institution)