PRISM Information



Students must take care of any holds and complete the Terms and Conditions process prior to enrolling. Students can check for holds under the 'holds' section of their Student Center in PRISM. The terms and conditions process can be completed by clicking on the 'Terms and Conditions' link under the 'Finances' section of the Student Center in PRISM.  

Students, Faculty, IAS & Staff

  • To log in to PRISM use your campus network ID and password. (The ID and password used to log in to campus computers or email.) 
  • Ex. Student Name: Jane Student- ID=STUDJ0123 - Password - your password
  • Ex. Instructor Name: Joe Instructor - ID=joe.instructor - Password - your password

Need help with PRISM?

Please use the Central IT Services (CITS) web form to request assistance.