Submit An Essay

When submitting an essay to the OWL please notice:

  • OWL tutors will NOT proofread or edit your paper for you. They will offer thoughtful feedback and suggestions for making your writing clearer and better organized.
  • OWL tutors are available Monday-Friday from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm. Your draft will be read by the first available tutor. Please give tutors 2-3 weekdays to respond to your paper. The OWL is not regularly staffed on the weekends, so papers sent on Friday afternoon, Saturday, or Sunday will be read the following Monday, at the earliest.
  • When an entire class of students is required to use the OWL by their teacher, the 2-3 day turn around time for feedback does not apply. Tutors will try to give these students feedback in a timely manner, but these types of class-wide submissions greatly slow down our staff; therefore, we cannot guarantee students will receive feedback on papers sent 2-3 days before the due date.

OWL tutors will read papers that are under seven pages in length. If you send longer papers, be aware that tutors will stop commenting after the seventh page. If you would like the tutor to focus on specific sections of a longer paper, please specify this on the submission form or in your e-mail. Due to limited tutoring and funding resources, we ask that students do not split up a longer paper and send it as two separate submissions.

To submit an essay to the OWL, please fill out the Submission Form.

If you experience problems with the Submission Form, please e-mail your attached paper directly to Please include your campus e-mail address, course number, teacher's name, description of the assignment, and concerns about your paper.