Alcohol and Other Drug Education

Check out the UW Colleges Smart & Healthy website for alcohol, other drug, and wellness facts, quizzes, screenings, FAQ's, and local resources.

The Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Booklet provides information regarding alcohol and other drug abuse, resources for treatment, and legal and campus consequences for the illegal use of Alcohol and/or Drugs.

For a brief introduction to the AODE Program watch this short video, created specifically for new UW Colleges students.

Students who are concerned about their own use of alcohol and other drugs or about the use of someone close to them may contact the UW Colleges Alcohol and Other Drug Education (AODE) Program Director:


Melissa Stutz
UW Colleges, Program Director

Please see the UW Colleges Biennial Review of our AODE programs. This assessment evaluates the program from 2016-2017.